Tips to pass time – #stayhome

Often, when life is hectic, you think of all the things you would like to do or that you need to do if you could. Now the world has turned around for a moment to make us think and rebound with long lost values. Now it is time to think about what to do right where my roots are. At home. Continue reading “Tips to pass time – #stayhome”

Happiness. What it is really ?

Some time has passed since my last post, many many things have been happening. As part of my personality I am trying to balance everything. If not in balance I lose focus, I get nervous, tired…It is easy to get eaten up by expectations from yourself, work, from your loved ones, society..But it only leads to exhaustion and unhappiness. You have to continously check yourself from the outside. Make a regular check-up on how you react, how deep you forget yourself in activities not really belonging to your core. As in another article of mine I mention slowing down, as well as escaping the expectation of maximalism. These are becoming essentials to survival in the modern world. You have to know yourself, your real priorities, what is really important for you and align. Align your life so that none of the really important aspects get hurt while adulting. These aspects are usually, health, love, taking care of self and the loved ones, relationships, family…etc. All what really brings joy to life. Continue reading “Happiness. What it is really ?”

Escape the curse of perfectionism

The project

Perfectionism, at the workplace, might seem like nothing to worry about, or maybe even a good thing: after all, what boss would complain about an employee who held herself to very high standards? But the truth is that striving for flawless results is nothing to be proud of: research shows it’s detrimental to productivity and creativity, as well as a source of unhappiness, even linked to higher rates of suicide.

You’ll do better work – and feel better – by embracing an ‘imperfectionist’ approach instead… Continue reading “Escape the curse of perfectionism”

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